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LincolnWay Ag Services

LincolnWay Ag Services

Why should you treat your fields with our fungicide technique?

  • Comparison of group field statistics for both corn and soybean yield response showed that fields using this fungicide treatment had an average of 8-10 bushels per acre more than fields that were left untreated.

  • Treatments can also help improve crop stand-ability come harvest.

  • If you allow fungi like Gray Leaf Spot or Northern Corn Leaf Blight to creep up your plants during pollination you may even experience some yield loss, so don’t wait! Contact us now and ask about how our ground sprayers can help you get the most out of your crops.

Contact Noah at 563.210.0212 or for service details.

Application Pricing:   $9/acre for corn    $7/acre for beans

We can pick up the product from your preferred retailer or use our retail sources to provide it.

Have a listen to our recent radio ad on WMT 600 Newsradio.

Fungicide Ad WMT 600 Newsradio

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"The Big Show Interview"

Noah Coppess on Fungicide"The Big Show Interview"
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